We believe that your media relations work is the single tactic that underpins the rest of your campaign. For us it sits at the head of the consumer marketing table, building brands and dictating strategy for everything else, from advertising to e-mail.

We believe passionately that media relations is the sword that builds your brand values while advertising is the shield that defends them.

Media versus content

The majority of our clients come to us for one of two things. They either want to improve their own online presence or they want to be featured more regularly in the media.

There's a strong argument that your own website is the most important publishing platform for you business and, as dedicated content people, we agree this is true.

But how do you get people to your website if they don't know who you are? And, if you are already a well-known brand how do you change your public's perception of you?

How do you build brand equity if your content is only on a platform that people have to seek out in order to explore it?

There are a number of answers that fall broadly into the public relations spectrum. Social media can influence your audience brilliantly. Consensual e-mail marketing can be fantastic. External content platforms work brilliantly. But media relations represent the single tactic that works hardest to change minds.

Brand PR

The bottom line is that Rascal Club creates media relations campaigns able to cut through the dizzying array of channels that make up today's landscape and make a profound impact on your audience. We use our deep understanding of the media to help your amplify your brand values, create equity and drive measureable results.