Here's the bad news: according to a recent poll the biggest reason that consumers cite for using social media is to connect with family and friends. A whopping 94% of us are online to do this, while 29% want to follow trends or find product information and 20% are there to review products and 'comment on what's hot and what's not'.

The good news is that once a consumer does welcome you into their social media circle they are much likely to treat you as a friend and not a faceless commercial entity.

In order to achieve this you have to sincerely focus your social media activity on making a positive emotional connection by delivering an awesome customer experience. Or just being friendly and funny, that works as well :-)

Unified communications

But it's also important to align all of your touch points effectively, which is where Rascal Club' philosophy of unified communications comes into play. This can help you turn offline customers into online fans and online fans into offline customers. 

What can I expect from Rascal Club

If you decide to work with Rascal Club to deliver social media services for your brand, you can expect us to provide a market leading service founded on the five things we believe to be most important about social outreach. We call it TEACH:

Tone: We use a tone of voice that reflects your brand and its values

Entertaining: Our content will be engaging, compelling and pitched perfectly for your audience 

Authentic: We will be genuine and straightforward with your followers, creating an organic feel for the platform

Conversational: Our content will be pitched towards staring conversations, not just broadcasting to your audience

Honest: Our relationship with you will be honest and transparent and the relationship we create with your audience will be exactly the same

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with the company that handles your social media, then contact Rascal Club by e-mailing or calling 01785 225416.