Consumer PR that builds your brand

Rascal Club knows how to create conversations that influence your public, boosting sales and improving the perception of your business. 

Whether we are using influencer marketing, media relations, social or content, our focus is always to create the level of exposure that your brand needs to achieve its objectives.

We partner with our clients to help them create inspirational coverage that has real impact. A key part of this is the talent in the agency, which we nurture with a unique set of training and continuous professional development modules. In other words, you get out what we put in.

Creativity is one of our core offerings but we aren't just thinkers and strategists, we are doers - and we're results focussed. Sure, we care about awards, but we care more about happy clients.

Our core areas of work are arts, charity, consumer tech, education, personal finance, food and drink, homes and interiors, travel, tourism and leisure. In each of them skilled and creative specialists strive to deliver the results you need from your agency. 

What we offer

Rascal Club offers a range of services to deliver the results you are looking for as part of your campaign. From content and social, to events, media relations and strategy we are here to help you communicate the unique thing about your project.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with the company that handles your consumer PR, then contact Rascal Club by e-mailing or calling 01785 225416.