Consumer tech PR

Whether you are an established business or a Kickstarter brand, Rascal Club can deliver the coverage you need to traverse the technology chasm.

Our scope covers everything from 'low tech' white goods through to computing, mobile devices and wearable technology. We're passionate about this stuff, so you can be certain that the minute you present us with a challenge, we will start getting to the root of what makes you so special.

What's more, because Rascal Club originated from the nice people over at technology and engineering specialist Stone Junction, there is no such thing as something that's too technical for us.

So if you are becoming irritated that your agency doesn't know the difference between having a BREW and stopping for byte, you probably need to talk to Rascal Club.

Whether you want to drive sales, boost downloads, increase your social following or just generate more coverage, our creative and focussed, results-driven campaigns are exactly what you've been looking for.

What we offer

Rascal Club offers a range of services to deliver the results you are looking for as part of your campaign. From content and social, to events, media relations and strategy we are here to help you communicate the unique character of your project.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with the company that handles your consumer technology PR, then contact Rascal Club by e-mailing or calling 01785 225416.