Food and drink PR

Does your food and drink brand need full bodied PR with real zest? Do you want an agency that sparkles and fizzes with great ideas? Are you looking for some real tasty coverage that creates a genuine appetite for your product? 

If so, you've come to the right place. And, even better, we genuinely don't use that many awful puns in one paragraph normally. Or even in one day.

But if you can get past the dreadful sense of humour, you will find a PR agency with a passion for publicity and the skills and understanding required to generate the press coverage your brand needs to go from the bottom shelf to prime point of sale.

We understand that there is nothing more emotive in marketing than food and beverage. Consumers care more about what they eat and drink than nearly anything else. Whether they are health and wellbeing focussed, driven by an epicure's sense of adventure or cost conscious, smart shoppers know the food on our tables is a national obsession.

At Rascal Club, we know how to help guide this obsession towards your brand and product and deliver creative and measurable campaigns that generate bottom line results.     

What we offer

Rascal Club offers a range of services to deliver the results you are looking for as part of your campaign. From content and social, to events, media relations and strategy we are here to help you communicate the unique thing about your project.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with the company that handles your food and drink PR, then contact Rascal Club by e-mailing or calling 01785 225416.