Personal finance PR

Neither personal finance nor the financial services sector has ever been more pressurised than they are today.

There is a trust problem between the corporate world and the consumer. The financial crisis tarred everyone but the most ethically positioned businesses with the same brush. It also created an environment in which disposable income is low in many areas of society, where it was previously relatively lavish.   

As a result, personality, character and irrefutable customer benefit have never been more valuable to a brand. The brand equity you build through PR, content and social media is an essential part of your business. It's as valuable as the equity you build in your portfolio.

But realising that value is more than a matter of communication. It's a matter of empathy, of speaking the right language and of understanding the customer in a way that is rare in financial services, let alone PR.

There are very few agencies in the UK that have the scope of skill, media understanding and industry knowledge required to help you achieve this. Rascal Club is one of them. 

What we offer

Rascal Club offers a range of services to deliver the results you are looking for as part of your campaign. From content and social, to events, media relations and strategy we are here to help you communicate the unique thing about your project.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you want to have with the company that handles your personal finance and financial services PR agency, then contact Rascal Club by e-mailing or calling 01785 225416.